Victim of Terrorism: Ronen’s Story

Imagine being a disabled senior who can barely walk and living in a city that is a target for rocket attacks—with less than a minute’s warning to rush for cover when the sirens sound. For 60-year-old Ronen and her husband, this was their plight living in Ashdod, Israel. 

The couple lives in an old apartment building on the third floor, with no elevator. There is no safe area in the building, and no bomb shelter near enough. Ronen and her husband rarely leave their home and need assistance to get down the stairs. Walking is hard and slow for them. In a bombing attack, all they can do is seek shelter, and rely on anyone nearby to help them. 

One day, when they were at home, a rocket exploded next to their apartment. Their windows were completely blown out, with glass flying. Their building was so damaged that they had to move out for several weeks, while everything was repaired. Now, they live in fear whenever they hear any kind of siren or alert—triggering memories of that traumatic event. 

Thankfully, caring friends like you were there through CBN Israel. Partners provided emergency finances to cover food and other necessities following the attack. And they offered them trauma counseling to help them move forward. Ronen exclaimed, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and compassion! May God bless and keep you for your kindness.”

And for others who struggle to survive, your gift to CBN Israel could be a true godsend. You can provide food, housing, finances, and more to those in need. As the pandemic continues, the needs are escalating. Your support can extend a hand to aging Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and lonely refugees. 

Please join us in blessing others and let them know you care!


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