Victim of Terrorism: Liat’s Story

Liat’s life has never been easy. Married to a violent husband for years, at age 44 she is now a single mother, raising her two children alone on a limited income. Although she struggles to make ends meet, she is grateful that the terror in her home is over. 

However, living in Israel’s coastal city of Ashdod, she has endured a different battleground—facing ongoing terror and rocket attacks from Hamas-ruled Gaza. These attacks have been going on for nearly 20 years and can seem “routine”—but the constant stress and unpredictability can take its toll emotionally. 

Liat lives in government housing, and the rocket strikes on her building left the electrical system barely working. Liat paid for the repairs—but still waits for the government to reimburse her. Meanwhile, a recent barrage of rockets left her 17-year-old daughter debilitated by anxiety, and desperate for treatment. With bills piling up, Liat needed help.

Thankfully, friends like you were there for Liat. Through CBN Israel, caring partners covered the cost for trauma counseling for her daughter—as well as providing finances to buy nutritious food, basic essentials, and pay some of the bills for the rocket strike repairs. Liat exclaimed gratefully, “Thank you so much… We are so overwhelmed with your kindness and generosity!”

Your gift to CBN Israel can rush continued aid to terror victims—plus deliver food, housing, financial help, and more to those in need. So many in Israel struggle to survive. You can make a difference for immigrant families, aging Holocaust survivors, and others in crisis. 

Will you join us in blessing this special land today?


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