Family in Crisis: Amelia’s Story

Years ago in Russia, Amelia married young and had a daughter. The difficult labor left Amelia temporarily paralyzed, but she recovered. Then, sadly, her husband left her. Devastated, Amelia moved ahead, immigrating with her daughter to Israel, near Tel Aviv. Eventually, she remarried and gave birth to twin boys.

Again, the births took a toll on her and triggered temporary paralysis. Doctors then determined that Amelia had multiple sclerosis (MS). Added to that, her second husband abandoned her—leaving her to care for their twins alone.

She is now 48 and takes numerous medications just to keep the MS under control. Her daughter is 27, and Amelia works hard to take care of her 9-year-old twin sons. Surprisingly, she and her second husband reconciled during the pandemic. He has a full-time job and helps with expenses and Amelia’s care. Yet, living in a fourth-floor apartment, she can’t manage the stairs alone and has to rely on her husband or friends if she needs to go out. She misses her independence.

But friends like you were there. Through CBN Israel, donors gave her food vouchers to provide healthy meals. And we’re helping the family find an affordable apartment with an elevator—so Amelia can go out without assistance. She says, “Thank you! I have felt isolated for so long.”

Your gift to CBN Israel can offer compassionate aid to many families in need—as well as terror victims, aging Holocaust survivors, lone soldiers, and more. 

We’re seeing so many lives in crisis across the Holy Land. Your support can deliver food, shelter, medical care, and hope to those struggling to survive—while also reporting news and stories from Israel. 

Please be a part of this special effort that’s blessing so many!



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    Margaret Barwick says

    I pray for all the Israelis and their country. I pray for the Jews all over the world and their safety. I’m so sorry that I cannot help financially. I’m 81 years old and totally disabled and many serious health issues and I have a 54 year old son with serious health issues, he has a bad heart and is a type 2 diabetic. We have health insurance and our medicine is still over $600.00 a month. I have a 22 year old granddaughter that is my sons that I have raised and she has learning disabilities and she is in college in classes for disabled young people. My son and granddaughter are Christians and are so good and kind and good to me. We all three have multiple specialists that we see monthly and our copay is $50.00 each time and it cost about $800.00 a month. With the living cost gone up so much I don’t have any extra money. My daughter and my other son helps us financially as much as they can and I have a granddaughter that helps financially also and a granddaughter that has health issues but she comes 3 days a week and helps with bills and all of our Dr. visits and also helps with some housework when she can. I’m so blessed to have a wonderful family and my husband died with cancer 15 years ago with cancer. He was a wonderful man. Please pray for me and all my family. My granddaughter that comes 3 days a week works so hard to take care of all our medicine and allour medical needs and helps my granddaughter with her college math and also homeschooling her two sons. She also has some health issues with an autoimmune disease and she is bipolar and on medicine for that. Please pray for my family.

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