New Immigrant: Shuli’s Story

They came from a long line of Belarus immigrants who have made Israel their home. Shuli and her husband settled in Sderot years ago. Sadly, they have learned to live with terrorism from Hamas-ruled Gaza. Their five children have grown up knowing the stress of rocket attacks. 

Shuli stays home caring for her big family, and tries to remain cheerful through health issues, including abdominal surgery. Her husband is the breadwinner, working at a steady but low-paying job. With no car, using the bus for all their transportation needs is challenging.  

Living only on her husband’s wages, Shuli’s family budgets as best as they can. But it means that paying bills takes precedence over other needs, like household maintenance. Over time, the ceiling leaks have become unbearable, especially during the past wet winter. It has led to toxic mold, and breathing in musty odors in the apartment. Yet, how could they afford repairs? 

Thankfully, through CBN Israel, friends like you provided urgently needed renovations to their home. Donors also gave them vouchers to purchase nutritional food and other necessities. Shuli is thrilled, saying, “I used to watch CBN on TV, when we lived in Belarus. And now, it is deeply touching that CBN Israel was here to help my family in our time of need. Thank you so much!” 

Your gift to CBN Israel can help many other immigrant families, along with Holocaust survivors, single moms, lone soldiers, and others with nowhere to turn. We see a growing number of people in crisis situations across Israel. You can offer them food, shelter, financial aid, and more—while delivering news and stories from the Holy Land. 

Please join us today in making a difference!


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