High Holy Days Food Distribution

Israel leads the world with innovations in technology, medicine, and defense. Yet, it also faces a demographic crisis, as over a fourth of its population lives below the poverty line. Sadly, this means more people are dealing with the threat of hunger, due to low incomes and inflation. 

Even more tragically, as impoverished families cut back spending on groceries to meet other expenses, a third of all Israeli children face not having enough to eat. With the influx of immigrant families from Ukraine’s war, plus more elderly and Holocaust survivors struggling on fixed incomes, food insecurity is a real threat for many homes in the Holy Land. 

But thankfully, friends like you were there to help through CBN Israel. For example, during the Jewish High Holy Days this year, caring donors delivered over 1,000 high-quality food packages to households in need. By partnering with Israel’s leading national food bank, they brightened the holiday season for low-income families, as well as seniors and aging Holocaust survivors. 

“It warms my heart!” said Hanna, a Holocaust survivor who lives alone, and was grateful for the food packages. “I hope people won’t forget us, because we’re still here; we’re still alive.” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can let so many in desperate situations know they aren’t forgotten—by offering food, housing, financial aid, and encouragement. As colder weather arrives, the cries for help are escalating. Your support can provide hope for refugees, single moms, and others who are vulnerable. 

Please join us in reaching out today!


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