New Immigrant: Boris’s Story

Boris and his family lived in Belarus, one of the poorest nations of the former Soviet Union. Even after gaining its independence, the president alone still wields most of the country’s power. Wanting a better life for his people, Boris spoke out against the system. But his political activism caused the government to target him and his family. 

Fearing more repercussions, Boris’s family moved to Kiev in Ukraine, and planned to make it their home. Then, with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, it became unsafe to remain there. So, they sought refuge in Israel, in the small, welcoming northern city of Karmiel. 

Because they had to leave in haste, they had little time for planning or packing. They came without furniture or belongings. Like many refugees fleeing the Ukraine war, the family received basic help when they arrived, but it soon ran out. So where could they turn? 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for them through CBN Israel. Caring donors helped furnish their home and provided vouchers to purchase nutritious groceries. And they are helping them find jobs, learn Hebrew, and adjust to life in Israel. Boris exclaimed, “When we came here, the apartment was completely empty. But thanks to you, we now have basic furniture, appliances, and food on the table. I am deeply grateful… I will never forget it.”

Your gift to CBN Israel can offer encouragement and vital assistance to so many hurting refugees, Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and more. As the needs in the Holy Land are escalating, your support can provide crucial food, housing, job training, and financial aid to those who are desperate. 

Please join us in reaching out to others in crisis!


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