New Immigrants: Irina’s Story

Four years ago, Irina’s sister immigrated to Israel from Ukraine, and Irina kept debating about joining her. Then, as the threat of war in Ukraine suddenly loomed large, Irina and her husband took their young family of four and fled to Israel—just days before the Russian attacks. 

Living in Kiriat Yam in northern Israel, Irina reflects, “Adapting has been hard, because our thoughts are constantly back in Ukraine. Watching the destruction is impossible—I call my friends, and they don’t answer. It’s scary…” Even more stressful, Irina’s parents weren’t able to leave Ukraine, and they reside near an area intensely affected by the bombings. 

Like many immigrants who arrive with just a backpack, Irina’s family needed help surviving in a new country. Thankfully, friends like you were there through CBN Israel. Donors provided food and essentials to assist them in getting established. Irina marveled, “All I can say about Israel is, ‘knock and it will be opened!’ …We were given appliances and furniture—everything we need!”  

She is happy to see so much support and opportunities for her children. Meanwhile, she is training to be a real estate agent, while her husband works in a manual labor job. It has been a big adjustment for the whole family, but Irina takes comfort in knowing, “You are not alone.” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can help so many know they are not alone. You can be there for there for refugees, Holocaust survivors, terror victims, and more. Many living in the Holy Land are in crisis situations, and need our help. 

Your support can bring them nutritious groceries, safe housing, and financial assistance—as well as hope and encouragement. 

Please join us in making a difference!


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