Widowed Mother: Luba’s Story

Luba and her husband moved from Russia five years ago to their ancestral homeland of Israel. They were building a life and family in their new country. And then, tragedy struck.  

Suddenly, Luba lost her husband to heart failure—leaving her to raise two toddlers by herself. She recalls, “When my husband died, it was a complete shock to us. Without his income, it was very difficult financially. I could barely afford groceries, or things needed for the house.” 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for this lonely widow. Someone told her about CBN Israel, and Luba reached out to us. Donors brought her a dryer, along with nutritious food. 

Then, her home flooded. Luba admitted, “After the flood, my son struggled with asthma attacks because of the mold on the sofa. But we didn’t have any money to buy another one.” Once again, friends were there through CBN Israel—and delivered a new sofa to her! And as she studies to become a dental assistant to support her family, they are providing her with groceries. 

Luba says, “I can’t believe there were people out there who were willing to help us the way CBN Israel helped us… Your generosity means so much!” 

And your gifts to CBN Israel can offer many others in the Holy Land a lifeline of essential help—including food, housing, and financial assistance. 

We live in a time when large numbers of people in Israel are in crisis situations—from immigrants escaping war, to vulnerable seniors, to victims of terrorism. Your support can extend aid and hope to them. 

Please consider helping with a gift today!


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