New Immigrant: Julia’s Story

It was not what they expected. Julia and her husband left everything behind and moved to Israel. But they did not expect this kind of adversity. Everything was so new to them—and extremely overwhelming!

The cost of living was expensive and usually, new immigrants were not given a choice on where to live. Plus, the couple knew very little Hebrew, so there was a language barrier as well. Since they couldn’t afford to pay rent, they were offered temporary government accommodations and an opportunity to learn Hebrew at a nearby school.

But with finances spread thin, Julia’s anxiety level rose, and she was very lonely. Where could she find the help and encouragement she desperately needed?

Here’s where generous CBN Israel donors came to Julia’s rescue! A fellow student at the Hebrew language school told her about the immigrant assistance center which is a local partner of CBN Israel. There, she found caring people who answered her questions and helped her find and furnish an affordable apartment. She also received grocery coupons, so she could put food on the table.

During this time of worldwide concern about the COVID-19 virus, the need remains urgent as CBN Israel continues providing food, medicine, shelter, and other necessities to those who desperately need our help.


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