School Supplies for Children in Sderot

It’s one of Israel’s poorest cities, and the top target for terrorism. For over 15 years, Sderot has endured constant rocket attacks, day and night—and its children and teens suffer from PTSD. Families who could afford to move away have gone to safer areas—while the rest have been left with a ghost town. Few businesses, shops, or factories have survived the onslaught.

Added to the horrors of terror attacks, COVID-19 has made the lives of these poor residents a nightmare. Many have lost their jobs, and can barely make ends meet. And families find it hard to provide basics for their children, including new clothes, school supplies, or toys. Surrounded by so much poverty, where could they find help?

Because of friends like you, CBN Israel has been able to reach out to this community under siege. In addition to giving them groceries and essentials, we have hand-delivered special gift bags for the children—containing coloring books, crayons, school supplies, and more.

“Families in Sderot, especially the children, live in constant fear,” a CBN Israel volunteer and local partner shared. “This is why, in addition to providing food and basic necessities, we are always looking for additional ways to be a blessing to families in need within our city.”

CBN Israel is a blessing to so many precious families—as well as Holocaust victims, single mothers, widows, and refugees.

Your support is crucial in bringing humanitarian aid to those struggling to survive in the Holy Land. Please join us in making a difference today!


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