New Immigrant: Snezhana’s Story

Sergei and Snezhana were a Jewish couple in Ukraine with four children, and they immigrated to Israel for a better life. Sergei found a factory job, which provided the basics. But when COVID-19 hit, the factory closed during the lockdown—leaving them with no income.

“The factories and schools closed. I couldn’t work, because I needed to stay home with the children,” Snezhana recalled. “It put us in a very desperate situation.” Even after Israel eased the lockdown, the schools remained closed, and Sergei’s factory hours were cut.

They struggled to pay rent and feed their children. Between fear of the virus and trying to survive on Sergei’s meager earnings, Snezhana says, “Mentally, it was so hard, and I became very depressed.” And then, a local church told them about CBN Israel.

Thankfully, we were there with groceries, and continue to make sure the family has enough to eat. Plus, we provided gift cards to help them buy other essentials. Snezhana exclaimed, “This is the first time in our lives we’ve gotten help like this! There wouldn’t be any food in our apartment if it wasn’t for what you’ve given us. We’re so grateful!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can reach out to others in need across Israel, with food, housing, financial assistance, job training, and more. At a time when the pandemic has rapidly changed lives and incomes across Israel, you can bring aid and encouragement to single mothers, seniors, refugee families, and more. 

Please join us as we help those in desperate situations—thank you!


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