Family in Crisis: Aviva’s Story

For many in Israel, COVID-19 has not only caused financial hardships, but it has also taken a mental and emotional toll on people. The isolation and restrictions made life even worse for those already struggling to get by. And for Aviva, a single mother raising two children by herself, it became a nightmare. 

Aviva was already ill before entering lockdown with her children. But soon, her kids became bored and hated being inside. And this made it harder for Aviva to recover, as she did not have the energy to keep them entertained. She was overwhelmed—and worried about basic survival. 

Thankfully, friends like you there to extend help and hope to Aviva. CBN Israel helped make a way for Aviva to get food and other essentials so she and her children wouldn’t go hungry. Plus, to keep her little ones occupied, we gave her free access to the Hebrew version of Superbook, CBN’s animated Bible stories. Her children enjoyed the fun, positive episodes—giving Aviva time to rest and heal. It was the very blessing she needed! 

As she recuperates, CBN Israel will be there to bring groceries and generous vouchers to give her access to nutritious food. “Thank you so much,” says Aviva. “I am deeply grateful for the care and love you have shown!” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can deliver hope to others in so many ways, during the pandemic and beyond. You can be there with groceries and supplies, shelter, financial assistance, job training, and much more. Right now, so many across Israel are just trying to survive. 

Your support can bring compassionate aid to immigrant families, Holocaust survivors, victims of terrorism, and single mothers. 

Please join us in making a difference for others in the Holy land! 


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