Hope and Rehabilitation

They had once been homeless, living on the streets, with many of them survivors of drug or alcohol addiction. This group of men had successfully completed a rigorous live-in rehabilitation program. Now, in a half-way home in Israel, facing the Mediterranean Sea, they were given a place to start over. It was an important step on their uphill climb to a normal life. 

They use their time here to encourage each other in coping and adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. And as part of their recovery, each resident contributes financially to all the household bills—working whatever jobs they can. But then, COVID-19 hit, bringing all sorts of added challenges. 

When the pandemic continued far longer than anyone anticipated, it severely hampered the group’s ability to provide for themselves. Donations for the main program dried up. Funds to finance the half-way house were sparse, and the jobs the men relied on slowly disappeared. Plus, due to the enforced lockdowns and restrictions, the possibility for new resources evaporated. 

But thankfully, friends like you stepped in to help through CBN Israel. We provided an emergency grant to help the rehabilitation program and half-way home pay their rent, including any related house bills and expenses. And we gave these men a safe place to continue their recovery, using what little money they had for their basic needs until new work options opened. 

CBN Israel also provides a lifeline to single mothers, elderly Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and other vulnerable individuals. Your support can deliver food, shelter, medical help, financial aid, and other assistance to those who need our help. 

Please join us in blessing those who struggle to survive in the Holy Land!


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