Elderly Widow: Eliana’s Story

During World War II, when Eliana’s father was drafted, her mother and siblings fled Ukraine for Uzbekistan. A year after her father came home from serving on the front lines, Eliana was born. 

But the war was still raging, and food and essentials were scarce—especially for a family with five children. It was a time of widespread famine, disease, and poverty. Despite the hardships, her family stayed close and maintained a strong bond. 

Today, Eliana is a 76-year-old widow, who immigrated to Israel in 2009. Her two surviving siblings and daughters live far away. When COVID-19 struck, with lockdowns and restrictions, it became impossible to see them. 

Although she kept in touch with her family from a distance, Eliana felt lonely and isolated. But fortunately, she became part of a local congregation that partners with CBN Israel. We sent local volunteers to visit her safely, bringing groceries and essentials. She says, “It is so wonderful that you care enough to assist people like me in Israel … during this lonely time. Thank you!” 

Your gift to CBN Israel can assist many elderly Jewish widows and widowers, including Holocaust survivors—along with single moms and others. Your support during this pandemic and beyond can help those in need across Israel with food, housing, finances, and more. 

Please help us reach out at this critical time!


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