Single Mother: Makdes’ Story

Life was already hard for Makdes, a single mother with three kids, living in Jerusalem. She had no contact with her children’s father, who abandoned them long ago—and she struggled alone just to survive. And then, she suffered a cerebral stroke that left her disabled. Now, she has to walk with crutches, and mostly stays at home. Her outlook for the future seemed bleak. 

But after years of waiting, Makdes finally received approval for government housing due to her disability. This was a positive breakthrough, since private rentals are expensive, and it was difficult to find long-term affordable housing that accommodated her medical needs. 

However, she still needed special furniture suitable for her disability—including a bed, sofa, and aid equipment. These necessities are very costly in Israel. Seeing no other option, she took out a large loan—plunging her and her family into deep debt, and economic danger. 

But CBN Israel came to her rescue. Our team helped Makdes renegotiate her debt, put together a financial plan—and even paid off one of her debts with a special grant! She says, “Thank you so much… I felt so overwhelmed, and did not know where else to turn.” We offered her emergency relief and encouragement—as well as guidance to become self-sufficient.

And your gift to CBN Israel can extend hope and aid to many others in need, including Holocaust survivors, immigrant families, aging veterans, and more. The cries for help are growing in Israel—but your support can supply groceries, housing, essentials, and financial help to those in need. 

Please join us in making a difference in the Holy Land!


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