Single Mother: Natalya’s Story

She didn’t know where to turn. Natalya’s younger son had been diagnosed with autism. She was told he’d never speak properly or develop normal social skills and would need a lifetime of care. Distraught, Natalya’s husband eventually packed up and left—and then her son began having psychotic seizures.

The boy would hurt himself so severely that Natalya had to admit him to a psychiatric hospital, which insisted she stay with him constantly. Unable to work, she lost her job as a nurse and the bills quickly piled up. Then came the last straw; when she couldn’t pay the rent, her landlord insisted that she leave. Homeless, she had to rely on the good graces of people who could give her and her boys a place to stay at night. Life was precarious, and she was desperate.

Thankfully, the head of CBN Israel’s family department learned of the single mother’s plight. He settled her debts, located an appropriate facility for her son’s condition, and found them a better place to stay, where she had no fear of walking outside in the dark. Natalya’s new peace of mind let her return to work. On top of that, she received monthly food coupons and school supplies.

Your gift can be a blessing to so many single moms, like Natalya, providing them with groceries, housing, medical care, financial aid, and job training. You can also give these moms hope and encouragement as they seek to give their children a bright future. Please join us in reaching others!


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